Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Welcome to SE Dubai - the website optimization website for Dubai

This website is posted on Google's 'Blogger' and is an introduction to my services.

I am based in Sheffield in the UK at the moment but supply SEO services to any company based in the UAE or more specifically Dubai. I have 6 years experience with SEO in competitive markets. I have achieved top 10 rankings for all major white goods manufacturers and held a number 1 position for search phrases with over 100 million results for over 5 years.

My services include best practice methods for natural search engine optimization. My methods are not a secret - I just work hard and smart and I get results. My experience includes every area of SEO - market analysis - keyword analsys - website conception - SEO friendly structure - content management - URL and keyword density - code to text analysis - pagerank optimization - life long learning!

I love my work and can get to the top of the market for any phrases with the right means. Please feel free to contact me about my services.


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Dunitz Sandrino said...

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