Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why do we need SEO (search engine optimization)

When the internet first started, like any industry the competition, and the demand for services was minimal. As the years have passed and a generation has gone, we have seen the eemergence of a whole new shopping avenue - a whole new channel to generate sales and satisfy consumer demand.

The natural progression of this phenomena is the intellegence involved with the technology. In the last decade I have seen various techniques / skills come and go. The one tecnique that sticks out is raising the sites importance with search engines, to improve the rankings for related keywords to your website. This kind of search engine result is completely free of charge and is becoming more and more popular as a way of improving ROI (return on investment) when compared with every penny spent on pay per click (PPC) or comparison sites.

There are many ways to employ your skill when it comes to SEO and Dubai based rankings on Google and other engines - beit genuine or classed as cheating (commonly known as spammimg). Of course Google is not so keen on quick fixes for websites - it only wants to see the genuinely relevant and bonefide sites being promoted close to the top, so they keep on working hard to prevent the keyword crammers and spammers from making any money with decent results.

There are obvious limitations for traders, mainly the same as the high street in that it doesn't make sense to have 100 shops, maybe 2 or 3 is optimal. This means the importance of the success of these few portals is paramount. In later posts I will point out the basics for a successfully optimized website.

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